DADIU is proud to present this year's Graduation Games. 
The six games are developed by students from art schools and universities in all in Denmark as part of their semester at DADIU.

Teacher at DADIU, Thomas Howalt, explains: 'DADIU is a celebration of creativity and making games. This year, we brought together 116 excellent people, who had never seen each other before, and in one semester they created two games, one small and the other somewhat bigger - and learned a lot'. 

DADIU is a celebration of creativity and making games.
— Thomas Howalt, DADIU

Every year DADIU makes a set of conditions – rules – for the games. Amongst this year’s are casual and Free-to-Play. ‘By casual we mean that everyone should be able to play them’, says Thomas Howalt. ‘Chosing Casual and Free-to-Play have from a pedagogical point of view opened the essential discussion of what a game is about. Not just for a few members of the team but for everyone in the team.’

Chosing Casual and Free-to-Play have from a pedagogical point of view opened the essential discussion of what a game is about. Not just for a few members of the team but everyone in the team.
— Thomas Howalt, DADIU

Dragons, Scouts, and a Weather God
The six games were developed in November and December at DADIU’s production sites in Aalborg and Copenhagen. The games are produced in the Unit yengine and for Android tablets with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as the primary platform.

As in earlier years, the games vary quite a bit – both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay.
In Dragon Journey you fly as a dragon in a magical world and free your friends trapped by the black matter enemies. In Let’s Raid lead a small group of mighty warriors in a furious turn based tactical combat game to win land and wipe out the enemy.
In Scouts you control the scouts and make them work as a team to gain scout badges.

Wonder Wool is a level based flock runner game set in ancient Greece, where you, as the sheep herding God, protect your sacred sheep from the mutton stealing Cyclops.

In Greedy Grablins you plunder gold and avoid being caught by using and combining the different abilities of your monsters, the Greedy Grablins, and in Clouds you play a weather god and change the environment by rain or thunder to answer the prayers of your believers.

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From Clouds

From Clouds

From Greedy Grablins

From Greedy Grablins

The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment has been around since 2005.
Since August, this year’s group of 116 students from the IT University in Copenhagen, The National Film School of Denmark, Aarhus University , Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, DTU, The Academy of Fine Arts, and TRUEMAX Academy have been spending all ofctheir time focusing on computer games. They have had classes, workshops, and as the last element they have participated in a large game production resulting in the six graduation games. For the production they have worked in six almost professional teams from November till now.
DADIU is part of The National Film School of Denmark.

See details about the six games here.

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