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Since the early days of video games, the story universes of games have had strong genre ties to fantasy, sci-fi, sports and warfare. But games tell other stories too, and lots of games are currently exploring new stories and different themes. Internationally, the small, poetic interactive story, Florence, has gained enormous success, and locally a game like Cosmic Top Secret has demonstrated how to play an auto-biographical story of finding out your parents used to be spies.
In the history of game design there has always been a struggle in combining good gameplay with a compelling narrative and balancing interaction with imagination and storytelling. In PLAY2019 we will explore stories beyond the expected in games, and we will look into the limits and the craftsmanship of narrative design.

Join us November 28 for PLAY NEW STORIES.
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The PLAY seminars
This seminar is the 15th annual PLAY seminar discussing the forefront of game development and gaming culture. It is organized by Creative Europe Denmark, DFI Spilordningen and DADIU.

More than ten years of PLAY
Below are the titles of the 15 years of PLAY. The PLAY-series name was coined around 2010 after two consecutive seminars with "Play" in the title. The original intention was to create an annual seminar that should focus on the content of games rather that the production and funding obstacles.  

2005: The Creative Universes of Computer Game Development
2006: Independent Games: A challenge for content and creativity
2007: 360˚
2008: Free to PLAY
2009: PLAY for Free
2010: Users in PLAY
2011: PLAY All
2012: Engage and PLAY
2013: PLAY Tell
2014: PLAY X
2015: PLAY for Real
2016: PLAYER
2017: PLAY2017 - VR After the Hype
2018: PLAY ME!
2019: PLAY New Stories