When: Thursday, September 29th 16:30-20:00
Where: Bio Asta, The Film House, Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen K

We have asked local game developer Tim Garbos to curate this SpilBar. According to Tim, the games industry talk too much about pitching projects, starting a company, and publishing,  and too little about the actual development process that takes up most of the time. This SpilBar will be a series of microtalks about challenges, hacks and passion. Each talk will take a close up look at a different aspect of developing a game.  

The micro talks are about details and insights into parts of the game production that you might not be working on. They are not lectures or introductions.

Mira Dorthé and Tanja Tankred from the newly formed Other Tales Interactive have just been at the accelerator Stugan and will discuss how to do networking without actually using networking, but just having players talk to each other.

Bastian L Strube, former 3D artist at Might and Delight will talk about getting to the look of Shelter 2 (Might and Delight), using style as metaphor through cheap tricks and obfuscation.

Jens-Kristian Nielsen, the AI programmer at Logic Artists will share his experiences with designing an AI in Expeditions: Viking and how such an AI affects the player experience.

Bo Abrahamsen has been doing Quality Assurance on various game productions. It’s probably the most overlooked part of game developing, but he will give us some details and hopefully a horror story or two.

Alex Camilleri, Italian game designer and developer, will talk about how he drew from his past and present to make Memoir En Code: Reissue, and why more developers should create unique personal games.

Alt.Ctrl jam
We will wrap up this Spilbar by showing some of the best hacks from the Alternative Controller game jam that's happening 16-26 September at ITU. Look forward to seeing some far out alternatives to the overused mouse/keyboard/controller scheme.

About Tim Garbos
Tim Garbos is the Creative Director at Triband and when not making games he tends to organize or participate in game jams.

SpilBar Showcase
As always, we invite everyone to demo their own games after the talks. Sign up here before September 26th.

About SpilBar
SpilBar is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer games industry can meet and mingle. The meetings always start with a talk and end with a drink.
SpilBar is initiated by Kristine Ploug from DADIU, and Thomas Vigild, Headmaster at Vallekilde Game Academy. SpilBar is organized in collaboration with Spilordningen and Interactive Denmark.

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