When: Thursday, March 1st, 16:30-19:30
Where: The National Film School of Denmark. Theodor Christensens Plads 1, 1437 Copenhagen K

16:30 Welcome
16:35: Mathias Poulsen:  ‘I’m just playing'; the radical act of expecting nothing in return
17:00: Lena Mech: That is the frame of the game
17:25: Miguel Sicart: Play and the Machines
17:50 Discussion moderated by Kristine Ploug
18:15 Beers, new Danish games and mingling

SpilBar 36 is an expedition into the a fundamental, yet rarely understood, part of all games: Play. But play goes beyond games; it is a mode of being human. But what is it, what is it not, why do we need it, and why should we even care? 

As always, we encourage you to showcase your own games. Sign up here before February 26th. 

Mathias Poulsen: ‘I’m just playing; the radical act of expecting nothing in return
It’s like we have in effect created a 'ROI society', where most things, events and relations are judged by their potential outcome. When we play with each other, we accept an altogether different dynamic. We hope something good or fun might happen, but we embrace the unpredictable and enjoy the moment. As such, play might be the perfect antidote to instrumentalism - if only we dare to play for the sake of playing. Play contains the seeds of something deeper, a different way of living, and of being in the world - can we identify the contours of a playful society?

About Mathias Poulsen
What makes for a meaningful life and how can we collectively improve the conditions for all of us to live better lives together? It's a puzzling, impossible question, but despite more detours than I care to count, I keep coming back to play. Without play, what's it all worth? I founded the CounterPlay festival to create a playful, international community who could fuel a collective exploration of the possibility of a playful society. More recently, we have established a national play think tank to create better conditions for play as a "life practice". It's all situated somewhere between facilitation, curation and activism.

Lene Mech: That is the frame of the game
Why do we gladly play the craziest games with kids and pets but are sometimes so hesitant to play with our fellow adults? In this talk, I will explore this question by looking at how different environments affect our engagement in games.

About Lena Mech
I am a game designer, educator, member of Copenhagen Game Collective and newly a founder of Wonder Pug Adventures. My life took me (or I took my life?) through different professional disciplines - from history to theatre, to games, and now to entrepreneurship. My goal has never changed though. No matter the means, I always wanted to spark the sense of wonder in people’s lives

Miguel Sicart: Play and the Machines
I this talk I will think out loud some possible answers to a very easy question: why do we play with computers?

About Miguel Sicart
I am a researcher interested in the design of playable things, and on the cultures of play. I wrote Play Matters (MIT Press, 2014), Beyond Choices (MIT Press, 2013), and The Ethics of Computer Games (MIT Press, 2009). I teach Play Design at the IT University of Copenhagen.

About SpilBar
SpilBar is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer games industry can meet and mingle. The meetings always start with a talk and end with a drink.
SpilBar is initiated by Kristine Ploug from DADIU, and Thomas Vigild, Headmaster at Vallekilde Game Academy. SpilBar is organized in collaboration with Spilordningen and Interactive Denmark.

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