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Interview with Game Director David Adler

“DADIU has helped me by throwing me to the lions. I was put in front of a team and told to deliver a game within six week. I think this approach had been really effective; I have learned a lot from DADIU. I learned how to work well – and just as importantly how not to work.

But the people, from whom I’ve learned the most, were those on my team. Working with passionate developers under such intense conditions showed me that creating games can be an art form.”

Interview with the director of 1916 – Der unbekannte Krieg and A Mother’s Inferno on VideoGameTourism

Six out of six Hearts to DADIU game

DADIU receives a great review in today’s edition of Politiken. Politikens game critic, Thomas Vigild, gives 1916 - Der unbekannte Krieg six out of six possible hearts.
Read the review (Danish only).

1916 Selected for Nordic Game Indie Night

The DADIU games are just done and are already receiving some fame:

1916 – Der unbekannte Krieg has been selected for the Nordic Game Indie Night on May 10th .


Nordic Game Indie Night is organized by Copenhagen Game Collective and takes place as a pre Nordic Game event on the night of May 10th in Malmoe, Sweden.
The Collective received 65 submissions and selected only eight ot be shown during the event so the competition was tough. However, they liked the combination of dinosaurs and 1st World War. Here is what they said about 1916 – Der unbekannte Krieg:
“The premise here is fantastic: you’re a German soldier in WW1, but – oh shit – dinosaurs have invaded the trenches, and now you have to escape. This easily could have been cheesy, but somehow the development team managed to strike a balance between sorrow, fear, and hilarity. It’s delightfully ambiguous as to whether you should laugh at the game or take its premise seriously. Our jury was struck by the beautiful black-and-white world (again, as campy as it is creepy) and the inversion of the typical “shoot-first” FPS gameplay.”

The selection also means that the game is nominated for the Nordic Indie Sensation prize that is part of Nordic Game Awards that will be handed out at the Nordic Game dinner on May 11th by Jason Della Rocca.

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