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The Indie Game Magazine writes about DADIU’s games

The Indie Games Magazine writes: ‘Always attempting to push the boundaries of the medium, DADIU or the Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment presents the six graduate games from Fall 2011, all of which are definitely worth checking out for various reasons’. Read the article.

Blackwell and Back to Bed nominated at Dutch Game Awards

The DADIU games Blackwell and Back to Bed are nominated for Dutch Game Awards in the category ‘Guts & Glory’.
See the full list of nominees:

Dutch Game Award will be handed out on November 22nd in Amsterdam.

Many nominations for the year’s DADIU Games
Back to Bed was previously this year nominated for Nordic Game Indie Night 2012 and Best Student Project at Unite 2012.

Blackwell won the KnowInG Creativity-prize at Gaming Forum in Greece in 2012 as well as Intel’s Level Up as Game go the year as well as the Adventure/Roleplay Prize 2012. The latter included being part of an exhibition at E3 and getting on Steam’s Demo area.

Furthermore, another DADIU game from 2012,  A Mother’s Inferno, was selected for  IndieCade’s showcase at E3 in 2012.


Blackwell Wins Greek Prize

The DADIU Game Blackwell has be awarded the KnowInG Creativity Award and  €2000 at Gaming Forum in Greece. Read more here

This was the 1st ever Gaming Forum and consisted of a  two day celebration of Gaming that brought together the Greek gaming industry with academics and gaming enthusiasts of all ages. The Gaming Forum was organized by Athens Information Technology – Center of Excellence for research and education in collaboration with the British Council and Cowboy Tv.

Play Blackwell here.

Artistic, Fast and Frightening – DADIU’s new games have it all

DADIU is happy to present the six new graduation games, where the students have pushed the boundaries.

Enter a surrealistic universe and guide the sleepwalker Bob back to bed. Back to Bed is a casual puzzle game set in an impossible universe inspired by Escher and Dali.
Blackwell takes its point of departure in the historical figure Nellie Bly – an American female journalist from the late 1800. In a scary Amnesia like universe, the player has to escape Blackwell’s Island’s Women’s Asylum.
Wake up Clone is a first-person jump puzzler set in a dystrophic universe, where man meets machine. Guided by a dark voice the only way is up towards the surface.
A Mother’s Inferno is a disturbing experience that blurs the line between reality and pure horror as you try to recover your child moving through a train.
In Hell Driver it gets fast, fun and Satan himself is taunting you on the car radio. You race, not to win but to survive the highway of hell.
Distorpia takes place in a brave new world gone wrong – enter the digital domain of an apartment block but watch out for the virtual ghosts.

The six games are the first from the Danish games education DADIU (The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment) since the education was extended into a full semester this fall.
Since late August around 90 students from the art schools and universities in all of Denmark have been immersed in computer games. They have been doing classes, workshop and, lastly, a game production.
For the game production they have been working in six full-fledged teams from November till now. This means that they have had longer time to produce the games than any previous DADIU production and the results are accordingly even more impressive.

In the past, DADIU games have won numerous nominations at International festivals such as Indiecade, Penny Arcade Expo and IGF.

All of the games are developed in Unity’s 3D engine and can be played online here: .
Pics from the games are available here: