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Moody, Magnetic and Free – Indie Statik writes about Cantrip

From the article:
‘Those DADIU students have been up to their old tricks again, as yet another thematically and mechanically interesting game emerges from the school’s doors, so much so that we’d be foolish to ignore it. Kudos goes to for bringing this one to our attention. That being Cantrip – a puzzle platformer with a magnetic personality, quite literally. In this grayscale title, you play as one of two orphans as they scavenge for “refundable cans” so that they can use them to claim food for themselves. Things start off with you leading them both into a scrapyard picking up yellow cans while a narrator speaks of their actions. Unlike Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road, this one consisting of cans ultimately leads the pair into the crooked hands of a witch. She then makes off with the sister while you play as the brother who has been cursed.’

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