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Invitation: SpilBar 32: Christmas Edition: Who Cares if it's a game?

Join us for the Christmas edition of SpilBar with video game theorist Jesper Juul, who will look at strategies for designing new 'games' that break with our expectations of what a game can be, and look at the reasons for claiming that what we are making is, or isn't a game.

Presenting: The line-up for Play X

Presenting: The line-up for Play X

The programme for Play X - Coming of Age - the annual video games seminar in Copenhagen on October 1st is now online. Read more and sign up!

Invitation: SpilBar 18: Fail!

Where: Filmhuset, Gothersgade 55 – Bio Asta (in the basement)
When: Thursday, February 6th at 16:30-20:00

16:30: Welcome
16:35: Jesper Juul: The Art of Failure – On the Pain of Playing Video Games
17:15: Pause – mingling and coffee
17:35: Teemo Ashton: To Fail or not to Fail
17:50: Mikkel Martin Pedersen: Game Over – the road to success
18:05: Debate hosted by Thomas Vigild
18:30: More mingling – and beer sponsored by Press Play