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Invitation: SpilBar 34: Everything is under Control

Join us for SpilBar 34 on May 4th about control in games. How we control games, what control means for the game experience, and how the default control schemes could be challenged.
We have invited a handful of Danish developers to share how they experiment with controls in games - and how well-designed controls in a game can harness the power of interaction to create particular emotions, stories, and gameplay experiences.

Invitation: SpilBar 32: Christmas Edition: Who Cares if it's a game?

Join us for the Christmas edition of SpilBar with video game theorist Jesper Juul, who will look at strategies for designing new 'games' that break with our expectations of what a game can be, and look at the reasons for claiming that what we are making is, or isn't a game.

Invitation: SpilBar 28: Escape!

At SpilBar 28 we explore the designs and the current rise in physical mystery rooms all over the world, and discuss their impact on both players, game designers, and social interactions in general. The speakers are Mads Lind from Mystery Makers and Thomas Vigild from Vallekilde Højskole.