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DADIU’s new games digs deep into the Mind, adds some Magnetism and kills a Dog

DADIU is proud to present the new graduation games, where the students have created six bold games with meaning and depth.

The six games are the second batch from the Danish games education DADIU (The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment) since the education was extended into a full semester.
Since late August, around 95 students from art schools and universities in all of Denmark have been immersed in computer games. They have been taking classes, attending workshops and, lastly, been part of a game production.
For the game production they have been working in six full-fledged teams from November until now.

DADIU’s game consultant Søren Lundgaard, who is also the students’ primary consultant at DADIU, is very excited: ‘This year, all the games have great depth and want to tell the player something.  I see that as an expression of where gaming is now. In my opinion, games are maturing and are starting to deliver deeper gaming experiences.’

Watch a trailer with all the six games:

Horizon’ is a scary glimpse into a mind, where the powers of darkness and light could lead you to your salvation or destruction.
Trail of Regret’ takes you on a surrealistic journey through dark memories of all bad decisions in your life.
HOTAH’ is a challenging puzzle-platform with cave-paintings, totem-animal transformations and a story of a young Native American warrior on his quest for life.
Cantrip’ delivers a classic fairytale in modern setting with a healthy dose of gritty humor, pencil-sketch aesthetics and magnetic gameplay.
Ion’ also experiments heavily with magnetism and is the story of a small, fragile robot fascinated with life, but doomed to slavery until it finally decides to run away.
Little Barker’ tells us the sad story of how a stray dog in the cold streets of Moscow became the space dog Laika, only to die in the name of science.

In the past, DADIU games have won numerous nominations at International festivals such as Indiecade, Penny Arcade Expo and IGF.

All of the games are developed with the Unity engine and can be played online here:
Pics from the games are available here:

For further information, please contact DADIU’s Head of Studies Kristine Ploug
Phone: +45 26210661.