DADU 2018 Games - an overview of the six games

Here is an overview of the six DADIU 2018 Graduation Games all available for Android phones and tablets. All games were produced in six weeks as the last part of the DADIU 2018 semester.

Presenting the DADIU 2018 Graduation Games

Creative sparks are flying when engineers and artists – technology and creativity – meet. The collaboration between universities and art schools brings impressive and interesting results. The DADIU 2018 Graduation Games are here!

Sneak peek of the DADIU 2018 games

The six 2018 DADIU Graduation Games are almost here - they will be available for Android phones and tablets very soon. In the meantime, here are some sketches and concept art from the six games as a sneak peek!

Back to Bed at the Museum

Images from Back to Bed is being exhibited at Samek Art Museum in Pennsylvania as part of an exhibition about the influences and echoes of Surrealism in contemporary art. Back to Bed is inspired by surrealism - particular the works of M.C. Escher.

Invitation: SpilBar 39: Just a game, eh?

How do games challenge our morals just by mouse clicks and gameplay choices? SpilBar has invited Tomasz Kisilewicz from 11 bit studios known for This War of Mine and latest Frostpunk to a talk about how video games tackle moral dilemmas and question our ethics. After that games journalist and author, Jordan Erica Webber, will talk about 10 things games can teach us about life, philosophy and everything.
Associate professor at the IT University Miguel Sicart will bring his perspectives on games though the lens of ethics.