Office Rage

Office Rage is a therapeutic game for the dis­gruntled office worker. When the job is an­noying and you need to get the frustrations out, Office Rage is the perfect break.
The game is an all-action game based on pick­ing up, throwing and destroying objects in the work place. You are plunged into a battle zone, as a disgruntled employee, where you are charged with wreaking havoc within an office space. The more you destroy, the stronger you grow as you work against the clock. The time based challenge of obliterating the office space before the security guard arrive, allow you to destroy what you want, when you want!
When time runs out, the security guard shows up and neutralizes you with his tazer – so you have to be quick to get on the high score!


Game director: Petter Madegård
Game designer: Michael Josefsen
Project manager: Charlotte Majlund Madsen
Lead game programmer: Jørgen Ulrik B. Krag
Lead animator: Kirsten Bay Nielsen
Art director: Rasmus Palmelund Kviesgaard
Lead CG Artist: Allan Lønskov
CG Artist: Maria B. Kreutzmann
Level designer: Karól Kvaran
Lead audio designer and composer: Kristian S. Ross Kristensen
Actor: David Bateson
Part time programmers:
Frederik Højlund
Huy Long Phan
Jens Christian Nielsen
Martin Høj Sørensen
Ole Risgaard Hansen