Plane Weaver

Plane Weaver is a 3D platform game with puzzle elements. It takes place in a world where machines have taken over and lives on the energy of souls.
In the game you play a character named Silke, who is a plane weaver. Silke can travel between the planes of reality and therefore take different forms that hold great power.
The soul of Silke’s brother has been stolen by the soulgrinders and is kept imprisoned at the mechanical fortress Itzhal.
Silke has used her abilities to break into Itzhal in an attempt to free her brother’s soul and destroy the colossal machine made of steel and steam.
Plane Weaver is a game for people who like to explore and try new and different game solutions.


Game Director: Troels Cederholm
Game Designer: Allan Schnoor
Project Manager: Søren Larsen-Lentz
Lead Programmer: Jacob Korsgaard
Programmer: Nis Wegmann
Lead Animator: Morten Helgeland
Lead C.G. Artist: Blake Overgaard
Art Director: Jannik Faarvang Petersen
Visual Artist: Ida Dirksen
Level Designer : Allan Schnoor
Audio Designer and Composer: Morten Bach