They are at the bottom of the ocean food chain and they know how to throw a good party. They are plankton! Plankton! is a fun and atmospheric journey into a colorful and vibrant underwater world. You play as Charles Plankton, a slow-witted, but good-hearted plankton who sets out to save his friends. Explore your surroundings and avoid hungry sea creatures as you drift around a big coral reef. Find your plankton buddies, and bring them home safely so they can continue doing what plankton do best – to party and dance all day long.

Game director: Dennis Nielsen
Game designer: Tobias Iskov Thomsen
Project manager: Ditte Rønhøj Frostholm
Lead game programmer: Jakob Svane Knudsen
Game programmer: Kasper Larsen Ekelund
Game programmer: Michael Birkehøj Jensen
Game programmer: Martin Rosenbeck
Game programmer: Peder Sand Sørensen
Lead animator: Jody Ghani
Animator: Jonas Kirkegaard
Art director: Thomas Kerff
Lead CG artist: Mette Madsen
CG artist: Polina Bokhan
Audio designer: Morten Lund Søegaard
Danish speak: Torben Sekov
English speak: Richard Raskin
Vocal in soundtrack: Lasse Wingreen