Pombacont is a hilarious action/puzzle platformer targeted at teenagers and grownups looking for a somewhat different game experience.
It’s after dark in the laboratory. You play Dr. LOL or Dr. LOLA and armed with a hormone-powergun you control the sexual maturity of the little cartoony pombaconts.
When you shoot the pombaconts they becomes sexually active – but watch out!
If you shoot them too much, they become aggressive and turn their sexual frustration against you – and once pumped up they cannot go back to being friendly!

The object of the game is to pair up creatures of different states to create a certain amount of pairs – sounds simple right… But getting the amount of pair needed to complete each level can be quite a challenge. Shooting the wrong creature – or shooting a creature too many times can cause the entire level to be unsolvable…. So each shot must be considered wisely!


Game Director: Trine Laier
Game Designer: Sebastian Kandulski
Project Manager: Rune Meldahl
Lead Game Programmer: Michael Franker Christensen
Game Programmer: Olga Dmitricenko
Lead Animator: Mikkel Vedel Petersen
Animator: Jeppe Broer Døckerart
Director: Thomas Kerff
Lead CG Artist: Jacob Juul Kousholt
CG Artist: Casper Wermuth
Level Designer: Christoffer Bjørn Weile
Audio Sound Designer and Composer: Mads Stenhøj
Assisting Programmer: Martin Bo Jensen