Pick up your weapon and take back the temple! You take the role of a temple guardian in a time where the temple is under attack from evil spirit-eaters. You must take your magical spear and repel these evil-doers so the peace once again can fill this sacred place.

Credits listed alphabetically

Kristine Behrmann Larsen - animator
Jonas Bjerregaard - project manager
Anja Elisasen Lumholtz Nielsen - game designer
Nickie Hundevadt - QA & UR manager
Quoc Viet Huynh - CG artist
Mette Jakobsen - prorgammer
Simon Jespersen - CG artist
Kenneth Jürgensen - programmer
Esben Ladekjær Gravesen - sound designer
Kristoffer Lind Holm - programmer
Anders Nørgaard - Lead programmer
Nicolai Skovhus - programmer
Daniel Svejstrup Christensen - programmer
Mathias Utne Kærholm Svendsen - level design
Nicolai Vielwerth - game director
Mathilde Weien Jensen - art director

Business Developers
Michael Bundgaard Christensen
Heino Frimann Højmark Pust