Saviour of Asgard

Idunn the goddess who keeps all the gods of Asgard young and powerful with her golden apples is being kidnapped by the evil god Luki. Luki has been taken Idunn to the underworld , far far away from Asgard and since then all the gods has become weak and gray. The bravest Viking from the midgard Brodir has been chosen and commissioned from the gods of Asgard to take a journey to the Underworld and bringing Idunn with all her apples back to Asgard.

Game Director: Touraj Haji Khosravi
Game Designer: Thomas Lykke Larsen
Level Designer: Lasse Thygesen
Lead Programmer: Bjarne Kock
Programmer: Dan Duus Thøisen
Programmer: Daniel Møgelgaard Pedersen
Programmer: Emil Kaihøj Nielsen
Programmer: Kristian Pilegaard Jensen
Programmer: Lars Holm Jespersen
Programmer: Nicolai Kirk
Art Director: Touraj Haji Khosravi
Lead Animator: Morten Lennert Sørensen
CG Artist: Anders Bruhn Pedersen
CG Artist: Mathias Dam
Audio Designer: Khoa Tran Nguyen
Production Manager: Marie Højhus

Thanks to:
Quality Assurance
Business Developers
DADIU people

Saviour of Asgard Gameplay DADIU 2013