DADIU educates future game developers. The students participating in DADIU come from art schools and universities in all of Denmark. The programme consists of a full time semester taking place each fall - the semester runs from the last week of August until mid December.

DADIU admits around 100 students each year. The students participate in classes, workshops, and game productions. During the productions, the students are divided into six teams, resembling six real game studios.

The students are accepted into a specific competence. DADIU admits six Game Designers, six Game Directors, six Project Managers, six Level Designers, six Audio Designers, six Art Directors, and a number of Programmers, CG artists, QA Managers, Visual Designers, and Animators.

The classes in DADIU generally take place in Aalborg and Copenhagen, and students attend the one closest to home. However, during the productions – which takes up most of the semester – they are located with their production team at a production facility in either Copenhagen or Aalborg. DADIU takes care of basic accommodation and covers transportation cost for those who need to relocate.

The last six weeks of DADIU – the so-called Graduation Game Production – is where the teams produce their final game. The games have been quite successful and have been nominated for many awards at international festivals. 
In 2013 the platform was changed from browser games to tablet games.

To be eligible to send students to DADIU, the education must be a member of DADIU.
DADIU is run by a secretariat organized under the National Film School of Denmark.


Intro: A three day workshop at Askov Folk High School.

Prodution and Classes: Classes by industry specialists mixed with short production periods.

Competence Project: Each student get to specialize in their own competence through classes or special projects

Graduation Game: A six week game production ending with a released game on Google Play and a presentation. 

Evaluation: Presentation and evaluation of the product and process.

iOS Workshop:  A voluntary three day workshop where the students can port their game to iOS and release in Apple's App Store.