Slug n’ Roll

Slimon the Roller lives in a little garden next to a little red house together with other snails in a colony. One day the colony is attacked by a horde of Killer Slugs. Because of his ability to roll in his shell, he undertakes a mission to rescue all the other snails. He has to fight through the garden and get to the center of the sprinkler system.
If he survives the trip, he’ll accomplish his mission by putting poison in the sprinkler system. Unfortunately, Slimon is of two minds about it. Something might go wrong.


Director: Malte Pedersson
Game Designer: Zejn Ljuti
Project Manager: David Kiel
Lead Visual Designer: Mathias Severin
Lead Audio Designer: Ulrik Muller
Lead Game Programmer: Michael Francker Christensen
Game Programmer: Thomas Vesterløkke Christensen
Lead Animator: Morten L. Sørensen
Animator: Jouko Keskitalo
Animator: Anders F. Christianse
Lead Modeler: Sune R. Fogtmann
Modeler: Esben Jacob Sloth
Modeler: Esben Andersen