Sophie’s Dreamleap

Sophie’s dreamleap is a game derived from the children’s game “the ground is poisonous”. Focus has been to make jumping the main focus, staying true to the real life game.
In the world you play as Sophie, she is bored looking around in her home. She starts playing on the furniture, suddenly she releases she is in a game, her game; “the ground is poisonous”.
She has her brother Oliver to help guide her through. Oliver has just deceased and they are playing through their previous experiences together.
The game consists of three levels, the first one introduces game. In the second room; Real-life you start to understand that your surroundings and the way you interact with them is the main mechanic of the game. The brother keeps in front, and is letting the player know that they are not alone. In the third level; Darkness things get strange with bigger furniture, darker background music and teddy bears coming to life.

Game Director: David Adler
Game Designer: Paul Brinkkemper
Project Manager: August Jørgensen
Lead Game Programmer: Bjarne Fisker Jensen
Game Programmer: Anders Handler
Game Programmer: Elvis Alistar
Game Programmer: Julian Møller
Lead Animator: Carina Løvgreen
Animator: Casper Michelsen
Art Director: Jannik Faarveng Petersen
Lead CG Artist: David Frylund Otzon
CG Artist: Magmus Myralf
Sound Designer and Composer: Rasmus Teglbjærg Bendtsen
Voice Actor: Jegveni Nicolai Bush
Locomotion Support: Rune Skovbo Johansen