To escape a dungeon, two strangers with no common language must find a way to communicate. In Spoken you create your own language by combining beautiful signs and sounds. Exploring the dark and atmospheric dungeon rooms, you encounter increasingly challenging puzzles, which require both communication and cooperation.

Credits listed alphabetically

Simon Bentzen - Game Designer
Nicholas Bukdahl - Level Designer
Ivan Dimov - Lead Programmer
Dennis Godtfredsen - QA & UX Manager
Nadia Hamza - CG Artist
Majbritt Løfgreen - Audio Designer
Klaus Tue Madsen - Game Director
Rosen Milev - CG Artist
Tomas Gislason Moesgaard - QA Programmer
Steffen Nygaard - QA & UX Manager
Bo Jack Olrik Olsen - Programmer
Amanda Natalie Rasmussen - Project Manager
Peter Troelsen - Programmer
Anders Wessberg - Programmer
Veselin Yanakiev - Pipeline Programmer
 Julie Tidsvilde Zintel - Art Director