Subway Samurai

The morning rush hour trains carry millions of “modern samurais” – their armors are business suits, their katanas swapped with briefcases, and now their battlefield is a subway station – where the victory lies in reaching the train in time for work.
Now, one businessman steps forward to take the challenge – Wake your inner samurai spirit, and fight your way through the morning rush hour, in this 3rd person webbased vasual game. Inspired from her own experience of hard-core commuting in Tokyo, Maremi Watanabe, the director of the team ikki says her interest was to “recreate the extreme rush hour stress, exaggerate and turn it into a bizarre situation that you realize how inhuman an ordinary morning is”.


Game Director: Maremi Watanabe
Game Designer: Jakob Juul Sørensen
Project Manager: Morten Eistrøm Andersen
Lead Game Programmer: Peter Bruun-Rasmussen
Programmer: Christian Schubert
Lead Animator: Tina Lykke Thorn
Animator: Michael Bech
Art Director: Martin Nebelong
CG Artist: David René Christensen
Level Designer: Ture Slot Bundgaard
Lead Audio Designer and Composer: Bjørn Jacobsen