The story of an everyday hero in an absurd office environment. The company director is old and dying. Everyone wants to take his place. Only problem, none of the executives are able to do anything without the help of The printer Guy, who is the company´s only tech responsible.

Game Director: Peter Lopes Andersson
Game Designer: Nikolaj Frølund Jensen
Level Designer: Kristian Wulff
Lead Game Programmer: Danny Thamsen
Game Programmers:
Long Thanh Truong
Kenneth Michael Jepsen
Anders Jensen
Daniel Rune Jensen
Martin Leth Pedersen
Kasper Jensen Andersen
Art Director & Visual Designer: Anders Stoltenberg Frang
Animator: Stéphane Sartori
CG Artists:
Marc Lindhard Budsted
Michael Kjergaard
Audio Designer and Composer: André Falsig
Project Manager: Kasper Hurwitz

Voice Actor: Brian Patterson

Dorte Rasmussen
Bo Sebastian Wunderlich Jensen
Anders L. Christensen
Mike Thomsen

Business Team:
Umit Karateke
Cecilia Møller Jespersen
Jeppe Berg

The Printer Guy Gameplay DADIU 2013