Traces is an open-world exploration game for mobile, focused on the experience of diverse player movement. Use your shield to slide, surf and glide. We feature a coming of age story, set in an African-inspired desolate desert, where you play as the last member of an extinct civilization.

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Credits listed alphabetically

Søren V. H. Bendtsen, Programmer
AndrÈs Cabrero, Art Director
Mads K. Didriksen, Programmer
Monja Dietrich, Game Director
Martin Dariush R. Hansen, Programmer
Jesper Hvitved, Sound Designer
Astrid Knappmann, Level Designer
Naja Cecilie Marckwardt, Lead Programmer
Mike M¯nster, CG Artist
Albert Nickolai M¯ller Nielsen, QA & UR Manager
Joe Osborne, Programmer
Viktor Pajdak, Programmer
Sissel Angela Ringvad, Project Manager
Mathias Stie-Svendsen, QA & UR Team Manager
Patrick Lindholt Strandholt, Game Designer
Mark Wiggers, CG Artist

Sofie Bredal Andersen, Team Logo Designer
Thomas Brown, Consultant
Agelos Efstathopoulos, 3D Modeling
Alexander Frey, 3D Modeling
Lucas Lindholt Strandholt, Intern
Vincent Suttner, Consulting Director and Screenplay Writer
Diego Tobarra, 3D Modeling
Lina Katrine Zerahn, 3D Modeling

Thanks to
Experts & Guests
UR & QA Testers