When the Hybrid, Vega, receives a message from her father informing her that he has been captured and the Hybrid rebellion has failed she decides to take action! She launches a one-woman mission to infiltrate the complex Hybrid prisons, free her species, find her father and overthrow the empire.

Credits listed alphabetically

Chris Bjerremose - Game Director
Rasmus Danstrøm - Audio Designer
Tudor Dragan - Programmer
Thomas Ebeling - Level Designer
Patrick Helledie - Project Manager
Tim Skovbølle Holst - CG Artist
Christian Hvistendal - CG Artist
Andrea Keiser - QA & UX
Sayid Malekdoost - Programmer
Benjamin Maksuti - Programmer
Kasper Passov - Programmer
Kai Ejler Rasmussen - QA Programmer
Irina Stoynoca – Programmer
Tanja Lind Tankred - Game Designer
Dilan Yüksel - Art Director
Felicia Zimmerman - Animator