In hostile dystopian environment you wake up, naked and vulnerable. Your surroundings are filled with broken robots and dead naked humans. As you move forward one of the robots catches and modifies you. A robotic voice now contacts you. The voice coaxes you to go to the surface where nice things awaits. To get to the surface the player needs to utilize the augmentations forced on by the machine. The augmentations makes the player capable of advanced movement.

Game Director: Kristian Nordentoft
Game Designer: Ole Risager Hansen
Art Director: Stefan Lindgren
Lead Programmer: Jeppe Thaarup
Programmers: Stine Back Larsen, Martin Bach Nielsen, Michael Madsen, Kenneth Sejrsgaard-Jacobsen, Reidar Beck, Huy Long Phan
CG Artists: Michel Baran, Peter Lønqvist Thomasen
Animators: Morten Lennert Sørensen, Sarah Mia Theil Nielsen
Audio Designer: Eske Gram Nørholm
Project Manager: Rolf Vidstid
Consultant: JaKob Svane Knudsen
Business Developer: Kristian Steffensen

Wake Up Clone Gameplay DADIU 2011