You are gliding through spherical landscapes of breathtaking beauty. In deep identification with the girl on the dragon you want to go further up, knowing that if you press the dragon too hard, you will lose height.
In a joyful atmosphere you are exploring the world around you, all the time watching – aware of a lift with another whirlwind or creature that will bring you further up – or the possibility to initiate a wind that can bring you nearer to the golden ray of light from above.
Go with Pi and her dragon-friend on a fabulous adventure in a strange sphere of mirages, aerial ropeways, moving plants and islands floating in the air. In the playful mood of exploration solve the puzzles in the flow of gliding/soaring and bring the potted plant from her rucksack to the Glittering Garden of Lushness.

Game Director:Randi Kjær Jensen
Game Designer: Jesper Larsen
Project Manager: Martin Backlund Rasmussen
Art director: Mathias Severin
Lead game programmer: Rune Rørdam Holm
Game programmer: Tommy Jensen
Game programmer: Thomas Justesen
Game programmer: Christian Schubert
Lead animator: Arna Diego Snæbjørnsdottir
Animator: Mark Kjærgaard
Lead CG Artist: Birk von Brockdorff
CG Artist: Arnold Bagasha
Visual Designer: Käthe Stougaard Kofoed Espersen
Audio designer and composer: Janne Hyldgaard