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Invitation: SpilBar 23: Sounds Cool

Join is for SpilBar 23 about sound in games on January 29th in Copenhagen with Jakob Schmid and Bjørn Jacobsen.

Game Reactor TV from the DADIU 2014 Graduation

Dóri Halldórsson from Game Reactor TV visited the DADIU 2014 Graduation event and talked to DADIU's Head Gunnar Wille and a bunch of the new game developers.

Graduation Games 2014

DADIU is proud to present this year's Graduation Games. 
The six games are developed by students from art schools and universities in all in Denmark as part of their semester at DADIU. The games are available for Android tablets in Googe Play.

Graduation Games 2014 coming soon

The six 2014 DADIU Graduation Games will soon be ready. The deadline is this Friday, December 5th. The games will be presented for an invited audience on December 11th - they will be also be available in Google Play from that day on.

Invitation: SpilBar 22: Till the World Ends

Join us for SpilBar 22 in Copenhagen on November 20th. The speaker is British journalist and game developer Ste Curran - known from mixing games talking with storytelling. After his talk, SpilBar will launch a new concept: Speaker's Corner. After the talks a a bunch of classic Danish games will be exhibited.

Games by DADIU students: