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SpilPrisen 2015: Prizes for Back to Bed and Plantman

Back to Bed got a Special mention, and Plantman - produced by DADIU alum Dennis Nielsen at The National Film School of Denmark - won the Showcase category at SpilPrisen 2015.

Three DADIU Games nominated for SpilPrisen

ScoutsWonder Wool, and Greedy Grablins have been nominated for SpilPrisen - the Danish game award. The event takes places in Copenhagen on June 11th.

Save the Date: Play for Real

The annual Play seminar takes place on October 21st in Copenhagen. The headline is Play for Real, and the topic is games with an agenda. Among the speakers are Erin Hoffman and Vander Caballero. 

SpilBar Special: SpilBar Design Challenge 2015 at SpilPrisen

Join us for the inaugural SpilBar Design Challenge - right before SpilPrisen 2015.  SpilBar has challenged a bunch of the best game designers in Denmark to solve a game design challenge.

Nordic Game

DADIU attended Nordic Game Conference last week. There was an impressive lineup of talks and events this year and we're already looking forward to 2016.

Games by DADIU students: