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Being an Audio Designer - Interview with a DADIU Alumnus

Kristian West from IGN interviewed Per Beck Hansen about his education as an Audio Designer at Aarhus University and DADIU, where he was in charge of the sound for A Darker Shade of Red.

Invitation: SpilBar 25: VR the World

Join us for SpilBar 25: VR the World on May 12th in Copenhagen. The topic is virtual reality, and we have invited a Dan Moskowitz from Oculus Rift.

DADIU alumni in Berlingske Business

Bedtime Digital Games started out as a DADIU production. They are now a full-fledged games company with seven employees based in Aalborg.  

Open call for games for SpilBar 24

Come and show your games at SpilBar 24. 

Invitation: SpilBar 24: Gameloading: Rise of the Indies

Join us for a sneak preview of the new movie about indie game developers: Game Loading: Rise of the Indies in Copenhagen on March 26th

Games by DADIU students: