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Presenting: The line-up for Play X

The programme for Play X - Coming of Age - the annual video games seminar in Copenhagen on October 1st is now online. Read more and sign up!

Graduation Games to be Casual and Free2Play

The new graduation games will again be made for tablet. The other constraints are Free2Play and Casual. Thomas Howalt explains why.

Presenting DADIU 2014

The 115 new DADIU students met for the first time at Askov HĂžjskole yesterday.

Back to Bed on Steam, iOS, and Android

This week Back to Bed Launches as a commercial title. The game was developed in DADIU in 2011. Now it is out for Steam, iOS, and Android, and is getting a lot of praise.

Invitation: Play X - Coming of Age

Join us for the 10th edition of the Play seminar on October 1st in Copenhagen. The headline is Coming of Age. We will take a look at what the video games industry has become over the past 10 years as well as where we are heading.

Games by DADIU students: