Invitation: SpilBar 41: Sounds good!

Join us for SpilBar 41 about sound. Sound design and music are two important yet often overlooked elements of a great game. For SpilBar 41 we want to listen to the best local practitioners and lend our ears to how they create not just sound , but expressive interactive audio universes in their own right. We have also invited Tim Hinman from Thirdear to talk about how he creates sound universes for Thirdear's award-winning podcasts.

Edge of Sanity nominated

Edge of Sanity is Nominated in the 15th International Mobile Gaming Award (IMGA Global) along with big games like Fortnite and Florence as well as local games like Cosmic Top Secret and the upcoming Tick Tock - a tale for two.

Info Meetings about the DADIU 2019 semester

DADIU is inviting future students to come and hear about DADIU 2019 taking place in the fall of fall of 2019. Our main teacher, Thomas Howalt, will introduce the semester together with previous DADIU students, and there will be a chance to ask questions.

DADIU games for iPhone and iPad

Three of the six games produced in DADIU 2018 are now available in App Store. The games were produced during the six weeks Graduation Game production and launched for Android devices in December 2018. Now they are available for iPads and iPhones.