New Member of DADIU

Learning and Experience Technology at University of Southern Denmark has formally joined DADIU. Their students will be participating with the competences Game & Level Designer and Programmer.

Invitation: SpilBar 42: Invite your boss!

What makes a good games studio?
Obviously the games, but we've talked plenty about them. Let's talk about working in the games industry.
Everything from lunch, work hours, and salary to passion and launches.
Please invite your boss!
This SpilBar is curated by Tim Garbos. Tim Garbos is the Creative Director at Triband.


Since the early days of video games, the story universes of games have had strong genre ties to fantasy, sci-fi, sports and warfare. But games tell other stories too, and lots of games are currently exploring new stories and different themes.
In PLAY2019 we will explore stories beyond the expected in games, and we will look into the limits and the craftsmanship of narrative design. Join us for the seminar on November 28.

Invitation: SpilBar 41: Sounds good!

Join us for SpilBar 41 about sound. Sound design and music are two important yet often overlooked elements of a great game. For SpilBar 41 we want to listen to the best local practitioners and lend our ears to how they create not just sound , but expressive interactive audio universes in their own right. We have also invited Tim Hinman from Thirdear to talk about how he creates sound universes for Thirdear's award-winning podcasts.