SpilBar 35: 3... 2... 1... LAUNCH!

This SpilBar - curated by local game developer Tim Garbos - will be a series of micro talks around recent game launches with a focus on concrete numbers and honest stories. We have talked a lot about making games, but getting a good launch is just as important. The talk will end with a panel so bring your launch related questions.

Save the date: Play 2017: VR after the hype

VR was the hype of 2016 promising a new future for games and interactive storytelling. Then - one by one - the high-end platforms arrived: The Vive, the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR. And now the first generation of content is on the market, games have been shipped and reviews are in. It is time to talk about VR again - based on experience.
At the PLAY2017 seminar VR-professionals will share their experiences and try to answer some fundamental questions.

DADIU 2017 has started

As always, the 100 students from DADIU's 13 member educations met at Askov Højskole for an intro workshop with focus on getting to know each other and to get started on developing games.
Over the fall the students will work on the games and attend classes from production rooms in borg Copenhagen and Aalborg. In mid December each team will launch their Graduation Game.

The Story of Back to Bed

Aalborg University is telling the story of Bedtime Digital Games in a current campaign. Jonas Byrresen and Klaus Pedersen - Game Designer and CEO in Bedtime Digital Games - tells the story of how they developed the game as DADIU students back in 2011 and later created a company around the title.