The Story of Back to Bed

Aalborg University is telling the story of Bedtime Digital Games in a current campaign. Jonas Byrresen and Klaus Pedersen - Game Designer and CEO in Bedtime Digital Games - tells the story of how they developed the game as DADIU students back in 2011 and later created a company around the title.

Invitation: SpilBar 34: Everything is under Control

Join us for SpilBar 34 on May 4th about control in games. How we control games, what control means for the game experience, and how the default control schemes could be challenged.
We have invited a handful of Danish developers to share how they experiment with controls in games - and how well-designed controls in a game can harness the power of interaction to create particular emotions, stories, and gameplay experiences.

DADIU Games launched for iOS

Two of the six games produced in DADIU 2016 are now available in App Store. Both games were produced during the six weeks Graduation Game production. The games were launched for Android devices in December 2016, and are now available for iPads and iPhones.