Presenting: The DADIU 2017 Games

We are happy to present the DADIU 2017 games. The games have been developed by approx. 100 students from universities and art schools in all of Denmark as part of their DADIU semester.
The games are developed over a 6-week period as the last component in DADIU. Before the Graduation Game production, the students have been through two smaller productions and a number of classes and workshops to prepare them for the final endeavor.

DADIU 2017 games almost here!

The six 2017 DADIU Graduation Games are almost ready! The deadline is tomorrow, where the teams will upload their games to Google Play. As a special thing this year, one of our six teams have created a VR game that will be available to Gear VR in the Oculus store.

Invitation: Play 2017: VR after the Hype

Join us for the Play 2017 - VR after the Hype on November 30th in Copenhagen
VR was the hype of 2016 promising a new future for games and interactive storytelling. Then - one by one - the high-end platforms arrived: The Vive, the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR. And now the first generation of content is on the market, games have been shipped and reviews are in. It is time to talk about VR again - based on experience. We have invited local and international speakers to guide us trhough the day.


In the spring of 2017, DADIU carried out a survey among the DADIU alumni in order to get an overview of where they are now and how they evaluate DADIU. The report is ready now.