Apply for DADIU 2018

To apply for DADIU, you must be a student at one of DADIU's member Educations and - for universities - participate in DADIU during your MA/MS. See a diagram of who can apply for what below.

Info Meetings about DADIU in 2018

DADIU is inviting future students to come and hear about DADIU 2018 that takes place in the fall of 2018. Our main teacher, Thomas Howalt, will introduce the semester together with previous DADIU students, and there will be a chance to ask questions. No sign up needed - just show up at one of the meetings below.

Invitation SpilBar 36: We’ve won! We’ve lost! It was no game!

SpilBar 36 is an expedition into the a fundamental yet rarely understood part of all games: Play. But play goes beyond games; it is a mode of being human. But what it is, what is it not, why do we need it and why should we even care? 
Join us on March 1st 16:30 for the most playful SpilBar ever.  The speakers are Miguel Sicart, Mathias Poulsen & Lena Mech. 

DADIU 2017 Games Launched for Ipads and iPhones

Two of the six games produced in DADIU 2017 are now available in App Store. Both games were produced during the six weeks Graduation Game production. The games were launched for Android devices in December 2017, and are now available for iPads and iPhones.