To apply for DADIU, you must be a student at one of DADIU's member Educations and – for universities – participate in DADIU during your master.

Apply for your preferred role

When you sign up for DADIU, you are asked to choose your institution and which role you prefer. It is recommended that you apply for a 2nd priority as well.

You can apply as Art Director, Audio Designer, CG Artist, Game Director, Game & Level Designer, Producer, Programmer, Visual Designer and QA & UR Manager.

Tell us about you

In the admission process you will be asked to upload a brief document (max 1 A4) about your motivation.

The document should contain:

  • A description of why you apply to DADIU
  • What you hope to learn
  • If you have an idea for a game you would like to make, you are welcome to include this

The process

After the admission deadline, DADIU will check with your home institution that you are eligible to participate in DADIU. The students applying as Producers, Art directors and Game Directors will be invited to an interview to make sure they are up for the role.

Before May 1st everyone will be notified about their specialization as well as the location (Aalborg or Copenhagen).

Good to know

DADIU starts in August and ends in December, 2024.
The admission system opens March 15.

Note that the National Film School of Denmark is the operator of DADIU and the admission system is via the National Film School’s application system,