DADIU educates future game developers

The students participating in DADIU come from art schools and universities in all of Denmark and participate in a joint semester as a part of their studies followed by an exam in their own education. The focus is on creativity and collaboration across the many artistic and technological competences needed to create and develop digital games and everything is in close connection to the games industry.

The programme is a full time semester consisting of classes, workshops, and game productions and takes place each fall. During the productions, the students are divided into six teams, resembling six real game studios. The productions takes place in Aalborg and Copenhagen, hosted by one of DADIU’s member institutions. Most people stay in their hometown but to create strong teams with all the necessary competences, some have to spend the semester away from their hometown. In such cases, DADIU pays for simple housing.

DADIU admits around 100 students each year. The students are accepted into a specific specialization. DADIU admits six Game Directors, six Producers, six Audio Designers, six Art Directors, a number of Game & Level Designers and a number of Programmers, CG artists, QA&UR Managers, Visual Designers, and Animators.

Leadership workshop:

The semester starts with a leadership workshop for directors and producers.

Intro workshop for everyone:

Everyone gathers at a Folk High school in Jutland for a three-day workshop to get acquainted with each other and the programme.

The first game:

Each production team creates one game in four weeks.

Competence - Specialisation Project: Each student specialize in their own competence role in classes and exercises.

Graduation Game:

Over a six week production period, each production team develops and produces a game that is released on

During the production, there are weekly feedback sessions with experts from the games industry.

In early December everyone gathers to present the games to a live audience as well as via Twitch.

Autumn break in week 42