4. Dec 2023

Get to know this year's DADIU Graduation Games

Join us on December 7 for the presentation of the five new DADIU games. Once again, the teams from DADIU - comprised of students from art schools and universities in all of Denmark - have spent the last part of their DADIU semester creating the most amazing, original games, and you are invited to the online presentation.

The five games will be presented in a live stream, where you will meet the team behind each game and get to know more about the creative process behind each project.

The presentation will be hosted by DADIU’s main teacher Thomas Howalt and special guest Thomas Vigild.

You are also invited to join our live chat, where you can ask questions for the hosts and teams and comment on the games.

The streaming will take place at DADIU’s Twitch.





No Table Interactive - Sands Adrift


Jellyaxelagon - I Inherited a Castle


Dreamful Projects - Above


Attic Barrel Interactive - Once Upon a Conquest


Team BOAA - Once Upon a Croak



From 'Above'
From 'Sands adrift'

All games can be downloaded from itch.io


DADIU is a collaboration between art school and universities in all of Denmark that come together for a joint semester focused on producing digital games.
In DADIU the focus is on collaboration, leadership, technology and creativity. During a joint semester, the students get hands-on experience with game development and production that is completely different from the more theoretical approach at the universities.

At DADIU the students from different backgrounds are split in teams where the students not only meet other professionals but also collaborate across specialized fields. The collaboration between the universities and art schools gives impressive and interesting results.

From 'I Inherited a Castle'
From 'Once Upon a Quest'