ABOVE is a challenging climbing game set in a mysterious world. Your path leads upwards: You are sent on pilgrimmage and must scale the steep landscape to get to the top of the giant tower. Reach, jump and grab on to rocks and moving objects as you pave your way through the vertical terrain.

Download and play the game on itch.io!


John-Marco Florio Barimani, 3D Artist

Kristian Kirk Deichmann, Game Director

Julie Fey, Game, Level & Narrative Designer

Maxim Hansson, 3D Artist & Tech Artist

Lukas Harkamp, Game, Level, Narrative Designer & Tech Artist

Arjan Hasani, Lead 3D & Character Artist

Péter Gábor Kacsó, Programmer & Technical Artist

Marie Zia Bang Larsen, CG & Visual Artist

Peter Mathiesen, Producer

”Chester” Zhouyang Meng, Programmer

Christoffer Viby Mogensen, Lead Designer & Tech Artist

Christian Nielsen, Audio Designer & Music Composer

Johan Slobodziuk Olsen, QA & UR Manager

Andreas Rasmussen, 3D Artist & Rigger

Thor Hannibal Valsgaard, Lead programmer