When the world was on the verge of doom,

Humans sought out a last option.

They bestowed an AI their mind,

allowing it,

To control everyone,

To control everything...

Play as a human exposed to a glitch in a system designed to control your mind. Infiltrate the headquarters to steal data and set everyone free!

Download the game at Itch.io!


Game Director, Nor Bulow Jorgensen

Producer, Lior Maynard

Art Director, Esben Holk

Game, Level & Narrative Design, Rebecca Veggerby

Game & Level Design, Patrik Lója

Lead CG Artist, Annasofie Yde Poulsen

CG Artist, Navin Sigurdsson

CG Artist, Nicholas Schjaerff

CG Artist, Jack Hansen

Lead Programmer, Victor Ibs Larsen

Programmer, Kristian Sofus Knudsen

Programmer, Andreas Handberg

Programmer, Kristín Sóley K. Ingvarsdóttir

Audio Design, Jeppe Campradt

Composer, Laura Carmel

QA, Marco Jansen

HYPHA, Kristín Sóley K. Ingvarsdóttir