I Inherited a Castle

Follow the tale of a family who lived in a grand castle, torn apart by dreams, tragedy, and mystery. Play as the younger brother who inherited the castle and face unexpected twists and turns when returning home.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric setting, solve puzzles, and discover the dark truth about the older brother’s mysterious disappearance.

Download and play the game on itch.io!


Freya Tuwel Rasmussen LinkedIn, Game Director

Lars Balk Snedker, Game & Level Designer

Lenette Langsø, Game & Level Designer

Morten Hinge, Game & Level Designer

Michał Chrobot, Lead Programmer

Iride Massidda, Game Programmer

Marcus Frostholm, Game Programmer

Xuanlang Zhao, Game Programmer

Sara Tilgaard Rasmussen, Art Director

Jolie Gambula, 3D CG Artist

Marie Alsing, 3D CG Artist

Sandra Bertelsen, 3D CG Artist

Stefan Tomas Pavlovic, 3D CG Artist

Jonas Elliot Bedsted, Audio Designer / Composer

Gianmarco Tedeschi, QA & UR Manager

Louise Bjerregaard Leth Rasmussen, Producer