In Carnivalien you play as an alien that has crash-landed on Earth and is being chased by government agents. The crash wrecked your spaceship and now your only means of getting home is collecting enough spaceship parts to make repairs.

You crashed right next to a carnival and it's within the carnival you must reclaim them. Jump into carnival rides, eat carnival food for power ups and pick up carnival tickets to aid you on your way — all while avoiding capture!


Alex Nygaard Andersen — Artist

Alexander Severin Hou Borgert —Programmer

Samuel Chaput — Programmer

Simon Dannevang — QA&UR

Minoo Farazdaghi — Artist

Lani Feldstedt — Game & Level Design

Josefine Gebuhr Rasch — Artist

Christopher Herup — Artist

Emil Isenbecker — Programmer

Andreas Johnsen — Programmer

Mathias Loose — Composer

Camille Pamperin — Artist

Rasmus Ravn — Audio Designer

Oliver Schümann — Artist

Mads Strømberg Petersen — Game & Level Design

Sejr Thomsen — Artist

Marie Falk Vinther — Producer

Nina Weilbächer — Director