Keeper of the Valley

Jump, glide and dash your way to the top of the mountain in this 3D adventure platformer set in an open and enchanting valley!

You play as Sky, the Keeper's apprentice, who must venture into the Valley to save her master from succumbing to a deadly illness by finding a unique flower of healing that only grows on top of the mountain.

Overcome the platforming trials of the Valley, seek out the Spirits for their blessings along the way, and unlock movement abilities that take you all the way from the low grasslands to the floating islands up high.

Find your way and secure the future of the Valley.

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Daniel Støvring Alstrup, Programmer

Rasmus Borstrøm, Programmer

Jacob Daugaard Christensen, Audio Designer

Emily Jane Cosgrove, Artist

Simone Dalager, Game & Level Designer

Polly Flensted, Lead Artist & Voice Actor

Malte Brage Frederiksen, Artist

Emil Gerlach, Programmer

Niklas Lee Skjold Hansen, Game Director

Daniel Hendriksen, Game & Level Designer

Frederik Emil Nyborg, Programmer

Vaeis Omar, Composer

Andreas Ottosen, QA & UR Manager

Mark Staun Poulsen, Producer

Plamen Peev, Artist

Casper Nicklas Hartwell Pors, Artist

Mirto Randellini, Lead Programmer

Søren Lundbech Voigt, Artist