Cai Cai Balão

Twenty years ago, the skies of Brazil were completely covered by colorful balloons until 1998 where balloons became illegal punished with up to 3 years of prison. To this day, balloon crews are persecuted by police.

Cai Cai Balão is a fast paced parkour-lite racing game in which the player completes intense missions in a fictional urban city in Brazil. The player must escape aggressive police officers, snipers, dogs and other obstacles in order to become the FIRST to catch a giant hot air balloon that will earn him respect from the baloeiro families and status as the most notorious balloon hunter.

The narrative and voice acting have been developed in close collaboration with baloeiros from Brazil.

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Sissel Morell Dargis, Game Director

Yaniv Guertel, Project Manager

Igor Akoulinine, Programmer

Kacper Lesniak, Programmer

Jonas Damsbo, Programmer

Emil Nilsson, Programmer

Jesper Haderup Eiholt, Lead Game Designer

Lui David Buchardt Thomsen, Game Designer

Theodor Børgesen, Game Designer

Niklas Pelle Michelsen, Qa/Ur

Magnus Wahlers, Qa/Ur

Johan August Dyrløv Høegh, Audio Designer

Alexander Jensen, CG Artist

Kostantinos Katsinas, CG Artist

Saleh Alasady, CG Artist

Daniel Mankjær, Cg Artist

Sophie Brincker Olson, 2D Art

Andrew Johnson, 2D Art

Sindicato Habana, 2D Art

Malene Hauerberg, 2D Art

Fehime Seven, Consulting programmer

Halfdan Pisket, Consulting Art Director

Benjamin Gutierrez, Launch concept

Marcos Lamoreux, Launch concept