Toy Game A Royal Mess

Interact with more than 50 NPC's to discover the story that Toy Game - A Royal Mess is all about! Feel the nostalgia of your childhood when you walk around the world, and explore the different areas of the game. Use different tools to complete tasks given by the people, but beware, there are often more than one solution to the problem!

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Morten Trier Bach, QA&UR Manager

Adrien Cochard, Lead Programmer

Marcus Petpradit Hansen, Artist

Martin Hansen, Game Director

Nicklas Thode Hansen, Artist

Gustav Jakobsen, Producer

Piotr Ładoński, Programmer

Katrine Larsen, Artist

Thevakorn Lauritsen, Game & Level Designer

Niek Meffert, Lead Artist

Cisser Mæhl, Composer

Mark Oliver Sandfeld Nielsen, Game & Level Designer

Jakob Sproegel Pedersen, Audio Designer

Dario Safić, Programmer

Stefan Nordam Suadicani, Programmer

Georg Helt Veje, Artist