Roboleon is a story-driven humorous and subtle-dystopian Platformer Puzzle Adventure game. It focuses on a playful movement system, a physics-based character design, and puzzle-solving.

You play as Roboleon, a fallback maintenance robot aboard an alien spaceship, who is trying to help save its creators after the ship is struck by an asteroid.

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Kim Andersen, Game & Level Designer, VFX Artist

Casper Belmaati, Composer

Kewei DU, Programmer

Sutton Sarah Howell, Lead Programmer

Oliver Høgh, Game & Level Designer

Cornelia Irbo, Visual Designer

Simon Kaarfast, CG Artist

Alexander Rosbak-Mortensen, Lead QA / UR

Christoffer Mølbak, CG Artist

Mike Petersen, Producer

Emma Bruun Ruus, Game Director, Narrative Designer

Emilie Lykkegaard Schmidt, Lead Audio, Audio Designer

Frederik Nygaard Sejrsen, Lead Game & Level Designer

Nikolaj Jalris Drejer Sørensen, Lead CG Artist

Noah Sørensen, CG Artist

Fabrizio Vacca, Art Director, Character Controller Designer

Connor Wall, Programmer, Narrative Designer

Yunji Yeo, CG Artist