Sands adrift

Embark on a journey as the Shepherdess, navigating the ancient underworld to lead departed souls to their ultimate resting place. Utilize the contours of the landscape to gracefully skim and soar above the timeless dunes of the Soul Sea.

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Johannes Andersen, CGI Artist

Simon Andreasen, Game & Level Designer

Yuting Chen, Concept, Visual & UI Designer

Natasha Ianchina Hansen, Producer

Jakob Hedeby, Programmer

Neil McGuiness, Lead Game & Level Designer, Sound Designer & Composer

Martin Moeskjaer, Lead Programmer

Sofia Holm Poulsen, Lead VFX Artist

Frederik Kibsgaard Riehn-Kristensen, Game & Level Designer

Johannes Donner Schackinger, Art Director & Lead Artist

Søren Skouv, Game Director

Anna Subotina, CGI & VFX Artist

Annika Vangsgaard, CGI & Environment Artist

Caroline Neergaard Westergaard, Character & Special Effects Rigger & Animator, 3D Character Concept Artist

Runfei Wu, Programmer

Kaiyin Yang, QA & UR Manager