Help Freya escape from a wooden space station filled to the brim with the dumbest mead-drinking musclesheads space can offer. Set off the plethora of accidents this place has, in this comedic accident action simulator.

  • Become Freya, a world-class thrower of axes, fish, and tankards of mead
  • Gawk at the stupidity of vikings, who can barely think without alcohol
  • Enjoy the hilarious accidents that would never pass OSHA regulations
  • Laugh at the maelstrom of stupidity that is Asgardromeda!

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Anders Alkjaer, Artstation, CG Artist

Nilas Christensen, CG Artist

Simone van Hofwegen, CG Artist

Rolf P. T. Holm, Game and Level Designer

Emily Erica Hueg, Programmer

Peter Jensen, CG Artist

Jonas Kjølleberg Lundbye, Game and Level Designer

Jakob Sommerlund Moestrup, Audio Designer

Daisy Kinahan Murphy, Art Director

Ingi Jansson Müller, QA & UR

Mark Andreas Nielsen, Project Manager

Mathias Nielsen, Programmer

Michal Pikulski, Programmer

Diana Ioana Soponar, Programmer

Alexander Tange, Game Director