The Bleeding Tree

The Bleeding Tree is a roguelike with a unique twist on replayability. Whenever you play, whether you win or lose, you leave behind something to find in a future run.

If you die during a run, your character becomes a ghost that will linger in that level, waiting to help you next time you come through. If you defeat the final boss, your character becomes the final boss.

And in both of these cases, you also leave behind all the powers you have collected along the way, making the ghost and boss just as powerful as you were.

Download and play the game on!


Jonas Halver, Game Director, Shaders, VFX, Logo design

Mette Moffet, Producer

Jesper Tuan Anh Bui, Art Director

Jacob B. Johannsen, Audio Designer

Melanie Kyhnæb, Narrative Director

Emma Pilkington, QA & UR Manager

Anders Roed Kierkegaard, Lead Game & Level Designer

Michael Tran, Game & Level Design, Combat, Game Feel

Mikki Jordan, Game & Level Design, QA/UR Assistance

Marcus Thorvald Bræstrup, Lead Programmer

Nicklas Parmer Simonsen, Programmer, AI, VFX

Sameer Kamble, Programmer, Motion Matching , VFX

Zaibei Li, Programmer, Motion Matching, Save/Load system

Alexander Gjerdevik Skjøtt, Computer Graphics Artist, Concept Art, Poster art

Michael David Larsen, Computer Graphics Artist, Environmental Assets and Props, Scene dressing

Oliver Lundt, Computer Graphics Artist, Animation, Texturing, Creature and Hard surface modeling

Simon Long Fischer Hansen, Computer Graphics Artist, Creature Animation, Character Modelling, Skinning, Texturing

William Toftegaard, Computer Graphics Artist