Root of Guilt

Run, hide, collect, and find your teddy bear in the school after dark.

Investigate the scary hallways and classrooms and be on the look-out for items that could help you retrieve your teddy bear.

But be careful and hide, if possible, because the janitor who stole your teddy lurks the halls in the darkness…

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Christian Bodskov, Programmer

Rasmus Buch, Artist

Nicolai Danielsen, Programmer

Marie Egebjerg, Artist

Oliver Benjamin Engermann, Programmer

Mikkel Eriksen, Lead Animator

Mathias N. G. Faldt, Producer

Henrik Gamborg, Level & Game Designer

William Skov Hansen, Audio Designer

Emil Bisgaard Jepsen, QA & UR

Emil Johansen, Composer

Marcus Rynkeby Jørgensen, Programmer

Nicolai Lykke, Art Director

Peter Madsen, Programmer

Henriette Meerson, Level & Game Designer

Stefan Mir-Mackiewicz, Lead Programmer

Martin Raunbak Faber Møller, Game & Level Designer

Nichlas Hannibal Ring, Artist

Sebastian Bendt Sørensen, Game Director