Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey

A lonely rock sets out for acceptance, but is smashed to bits in the process. Only a squishy core of flesh remains.

Stretch and freely transform your new body to overcome an imposing world. Experiment and find your own favorite shapes to guide Gneiss through this unique deformation platformer.


Catja Agnstoft, Game and Level Designer

Alireza Amini, Game and Level Designer

Frederik Bjørn Blauenfeldt, Sound Designer

Martha Szlachetka Bomholt, Programmer

Victor Selnæs Breum, Game Director

Edvinas Danevičius, Lead Programmer

Clemens Frank, Programmer

Helena Esborn Hejendorf Hansen, CG Artist

Maria Louise Hansen, Art Director

Nicklas Hansen, CG Artist

Sarah Emma Jensen, QA and User Research

Anders Kobberø, Game and Level Designer

Nikolaj Løvig, Programmer

Malte Bødker Madsen, Sound Designer

Henriette Rudkjøbing Moth, CG Artist. Artstation

Nicolas Nigro, CG Artist

Malene Nybo, CG Artist

Jakob Nørholm, QA and User Research

Daniel Lindholm Feveile Petersen, Programmer

Marie Louise Sandal, Producer

Katrine Tranegaard Sigmer, Programmer

Mikkel Svendsen, Lead Game and Level Designer

Mohanad Zeitoun, Programmer