Once Upon a Croak

Embark on the whimsical journey of Once Upon a Croak, where players master graceful movements, navigating a fairytale world filled with lighthearted adventures and delightful environmental challenges.

Download and play the game on itch.io!


Luisa Mueller, Game Director

Jessica Roed, Producer

Emil Grønlund, Art lead & G&L lead

Simone Madsen, G&L

Anders Møller Nielsen, G&L

Mads Pedersen, CG Artist

Pelle Bloch Atkinson, Technical Lead

Jacob Hørstrup Lauge Nielsen, Programmer

Johan Linnet Jensen, Programmer

Mathias Ejgaard Knudsen, Programmer

Emil Bay Bechmann, Audio Designer & Composer

Mikkel Hundborg, Quality Assurance & User Research manager