Pacha: Habitat Protector

After hibernating during the winter, Pacha wakes up and goes to search for food for her offspring. However, while Pacha was sleeping, humans have entered the forest and are now destroying it by harvesting trees for power. Pacha must now fight to protect her habitat and keep her cubs fed.

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Guang Ling Andersen, Art Director

Lukas Damgaard, Game Director

Lasse Skak Ernst, Audio Designer

Jeppe Stougaard Faber, Game Programmer

Ester Fallesen, CG Artist

Jonathan Hertz, Game & Level Designer

Nicolaj Jensen, Game & Level Designer

Shayan Khan, CG Artist

Christoffer Nicolai Kiaby Kjær, QA & UR Manager

Nadia Palasin Larsen, Project Manager

Rebekka Mejlby, CG Artist

Rikke Wolf Pedersen, QA & UR Manager

Rasmus Theilade, CG Artist

Regnar Vedsted, Game Programmer

Aaron Visschedijk, Game Programmer

Frederik Roar Weber, Game Programmer